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All Good Things.

Oh, I wish you all good things. (All good things) come to an end.
Apr 19 '13
Apr 9 '13

But not anymore.

Apr 1 '13

Love you still.

Mar 19 '13

R to the L-O-V-E

And I guess we’ll never know.  And I guess that’s OK.

I hope you’re smiling and laughing.  I hope you’re the happiest person in the whole world.  I hope you’re finding butterflies and stuff in common.  I’ll sit and here and remind myself to be thankful for the people who love me and want me around.  I’ll wish those well who don’t.

And I’ll smile, too.  :)

Then I’ll still probably check my phone.  Ha!

Tags: crazy.
Feb 23 '13
"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know."
Pema Chodron (via psychotherapy)
Feb 23 '13
Every day, a little better.

Every day, a little better.

Jan 22 '13

Ever think about the phrase “not worth the trouble?”

It’s not.  :)

Dec 29 '12

The best thing you EVER did for me?

Kissing her. :)

At this moment, I feel like I should thank you for that.

Dec 20 '12

Dear 2013,

2012 will be hard to beat.  I’m still excited to see you.  I think you just might be my favorite year ever.

Yep.  Love!


Dec 3 '12
"The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present."
Barbara De Angelis